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After The Military

10 July 2018

Helping Ex-Military Personnel Build A Bridge To The Right Career.

Many organisations do not realise the benefits of hiring ex-veterans however 72% of those with an active veteran recruitment program would recommend veterans. In the wider job market, there is a lack of understanding of the key skills veterans possess. For example only 66% of large or medium organisations perceive veterans to have good communication skills, whereas this is a key strength highlighted by organisations who have employed them.

Too often many former military personnel with a strong track record of skills & experience fail to find the new career path they aspire too. Through career coaching and practical skills training  After The Military equips its participants to overcome perceived obstacles & personal struggles.  Their program aims to have their participants stand out in a competitive job market while accelerating their transition out of active service. Not only does the program help veterans, but their wider families. Spouses, partners & family members can also access tailored career advice to ensure a successful transition for everyone.

Not only to After the Military support veterans but also the organisations that hire them. Starting with a targeted plan to fill your vacancy, they also provide psychometric testing of a new starters workplace resilience & mentoring program to ensure a smooth transition for both parties during the first 100 days of employment.

To find out more about how After The Military can help your business please contact:
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