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Fran and Aga, International Women’s Day 2019

08 March 2019

As part of International Women's Day and to kick start our Basing Folk campaign, we spoke to influential women from around Basingstoke Town Centre. This included Fran and Aga from The Salt Lounge.

What are your current roles?

We are both the directors of The Salt Lounge.


What is the most interesting part of your role?

This is a brand new adventure for both of us, from building The Salt Lounge, to running it day by day.


What are the challenges for women in your role?

The challenges as businesswomen and specifically directors, are that we both have children and family. It is challenging to find a work/life balance to ensure you can be there for your family enough.

What’s your most vivid memory of working in Basingstoke Town Centre?

Our most vivid memory of working in Basingstoke has been meeting all sorts of people and other business owners. The Basingstoke community is very welcoming.


Where do you see Basingstoke Town Centre in the next 5 years? 

Basingstoke is one of the fastest developing towns in Hampshire. We can see more independent business beginning to open and grow, and being able to add more ‘colour’ to the top of town.


What advice would you give to women starting their careers?

We would advise women who start their own business or careers, to never give up and follow your dreams. There was a time when we felt we just couldn’t do it anymore but we kept saying “failure is not an option.” From this we persevered to make it work.


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This series is the start of a wider new promotion for 2019 called “Basing Folk”. This will showcase people from across the town centre that help make Basingstoke a great place to work, visit, shop and be a part of. Future features will include members of the community, young people in Basingstoke, long-standing residents, workers and business owners along with various other topics.