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Is there heating inside The Event Box?
Yes, The Event Box is fully heated

Is The Event Box accessible for wheelchair users?
Ramps are provided at the entrance/exit of The Event Box. There will be enough room for wheelchair users to manoeuvre around the activities in the Box.

Will there be enough room for pushchairs in The Event Box?
Space is limited, so we will be providing a ‘buggy park’ in a corner of the Box and will ask parents/guardians to leave pushchairs in this area whilst they enjoy the activities.

Can I leave my child/children to enjoy the activities whilst I run errands?
Children under 12 must not be left unattended in The Event Box at any time. Staffing levels vary throughout the week and we will not take responsibility for any child left unattended.

What age are the activities suitable for?
We have aimed to provide activities to suit all ages, throughout the week, with varying attractions each day. The only activities with a minimum age limit are the adult screenings during The Film Box, which is for 18+.


The Art Box After Dark

Who is The Art Box After Dark suitable for?
This exhibition is suitable for those age 18+ who have an interest in art, would like to find out more about art or who would like to experience something different.

Can I buy artwork at the exhibition?
You will not be able to physically purchase any art at the event. However you can meet the artists and arrange a payment transaction with them directly, if you find a piece you’re interested in.


The Film Box

How much are the tickets for the films?
Tickets are priced at £3 each for the children’s screenings (regardless of whether the viewer is an adult or child). Tickets for the adult screenings are priced at £5 each.

Can I pay on the day for a film?
Unfortunately not. You must pre-book your tickets for each film on *insert link here*. We cannot allow entry to those who have not pre-booked.

Do I have to bring my booking confirmation with me?
Please either print your booking confirmation or have it on your phone, ready to show as you enter The Event Box

I am unable to attend, can I get a refund?
Once you have booked your ticket we won’t be able to refund or exchange it.  If you are unable to attend the event we recommend privately reselling your ticket.

Can I bring my baby to a film screening?
Babies are welcome at the children’s screenings, but not the adult screenings. You do not need to pay for a baby to attend if they are to remain in their pushchair (which must be parked in our ‘buggy park’) or if they will be in your arms. If you are going to seat a baby/toddler in a beanbag, you must purchase a ticket for them.

Is there a minimum/maximum age limit for the films?
There is no maximum age limit for any films, however many teens/adults may not prefer to sit in the earlier screenings, as these are targeted for families, and we are expecting a large number of children present. The adult screenings are for those aged 18+. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we believe to be under this age, without refund.

What kind of seating is there?
The seating for both children’s and adult screening is bean bags. If you are unable to sit on a bean bag for medical reasons, you can let us know when you book your ticket by emailing  or calling 01256 331010 and alternative seating will be provided. Please note that any chairs will be placed on the back row, to avoid blocking the view of those on bean bags.

Can I bring food and drink with me?
You can bring snacks and drinks with you; however we will not be allowing alcohol or hot food into any of the screenings.

Will I be able to buy food and drinks in The Event Box?
Popcorn will be available from The Event Box. No other food or drink will be provided, however there are plenty of retailers near the Market Place where you can buy snacks and drinks. Keep an eye on our social media for special deals during The Event Box week.

Are there any toilets available?
There will be toilets available to those visiting The Art Box After Dark and The Film Box screenings. There will be no event toilets available during the day time activities, however there are public toilets in close proximity.


Additional FAQS

Are dogs welcome in The Event Box?
Dogs are not allowed in The Event Box, with the exception of assistance dogs

Can I attend more than one event throughout the week?
Absolutely! You can visit The Event Box as many times as you wish throughout the week

Where is The Event Box located?
The Event Box is located in the Market Place, outside the Willis Museum and Macdonald’s.

Where is the best place to park for The Event Box?
Central and Caston’s car parks are each approximately 3 minutes walk from The Event Box. You can also park in Festival Place multi-storey, which is around a 5 minute walk (from the Blue Zone).