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Prison Factory Cult Circus

26 September 2019

A tour-de-force of seldom seen circus acts from knife-throwing and lasso, to musical saw.

Four siblings. Four extreme lives.

Between prison escapes, daredevil stunts, eloping to the other side of the world, and that business with ‘the cult’, its hard to pick out the real black sheep of this family.

Prison Factory Cult Circus is the unbelievable true story of Lucy and her siblings, raw, bitingly-honest and often surreal! Through circus, live music, storytelling and the soundtrack of an upbringing in the North of England, Lucy dissects her past and delves into her family’s long-term relationship with risk.

A one-woman circus theatre show exploring the decisions that each family member made and the age-old question of nature versus nurture. What better way to search for a sense of belonging before starting a family of her own?

Hailing from Sheffield, UK – the home of stainless steel and killer contributions to the music scene – (Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, The Human League) we see the adventures of Lucy and her siblings unfold through seldom-seen circus acts- knife throwing, escapology, lasso and her world-famous musical saw.

Suitable for ages 14+

Shortlisted for Best Circus at the Melbourne Fringe 2018

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